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Columbus KTC Hosts a Nyungne Retreat this July

A Nyungne Retreat was held at Columbus KTC this July. Joining us for the first time was Wisconsin KTC’s Lama Tsultrim Yeshe.  A veteran of countless Nyungnes, Lama Yeshe offered a public talk on Friday night and shared many wonderful stories and then guided the approximately ten practitioners through the weekend retreat.   The meals were prepared and served by willing volunteers, and it was very nice to see a many members of our sangha sitting around a table breaking bread together.  When Monday morning breakfast was served (literally a break-fast) all were smiles.

If you have an interest in future Nyungne retreats, be sure to ask one of your fellow sangha members who participated for their thoughts on the event.  KTC has tried in the past to hold two of these per year, but due to a busy calendar of events it was possible to only schedule one for this year.  As long as interest remains high, we will be shooting for two again next year.  But it is important to remember it takes a lot of volunteer and financial commitment to bring a nyungne to fruition. Volunteers not participating in the event often help with for cooking, transportation, etc. Financial support is needed to cover the cost of the lama’s airfare, food and flowers. Whether you participate as a retreatant, a volunteer or help support the event financially, the merit earned for yourself and our center is mighty big.  We hope you’ll consider being a part of our next Nyungne!

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  1. Jacob R Clark (Columbus, Ohio) says:

    I see a balding guy with heavy black frames doing something in the background. Oh, gosh, it’s just another horrible photographic representation of me. Yes, the nyunge was a very demanding experience, and one I hope to repeat to the finish next time!!!!

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